“A better today, a brighter tomorrow for the youth of Bhutan”

It was only 40 years ago when Bhutan, a small kingdom set in the high mountains of the Great Himalayas, opened its doors to development. There has been no turning back. Development has taken place at tremendous speed, bringing Bhutan into the 21st century with many challenges, one of the biggest being urgently addressing the growing needs of its large youth population.

Acutely conscious of the challenges facing Bhutan’s youth, His Majesty King Jigme Singye Wangchuck declared that a fund should be established to support youth projects and programmes. The Bhutan Youth Development Fund was launched in 1999 by Her Majesty Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck.

With a special focus on disadvantaged youth, the Bhutan Youth Development Fund enables Bhutanese youth to realize their full potential as productive citizens. The Bhutan Youth Development Fund is a senior member of civil society, known as an advocate for disability rights, substance abuse prevention and treatment, education, and other important issues impacting youth.

The Bhutan YDF provides financial support for youth development activities like leadership skills, drug rehabilitation, special education, basic skills and vocational training, advocacy research and education.

About Bhutan

Picture of temple in Bhutan

Did you know television was only introduced to Bhutan in 1999?

That people traveled on foot or by horseback until the 1960s, when road construction began?

Featured Project

Bhutan Souvenir Production Training Center

The Bhutan Souvenir Production Training Center helps young women develop their entrepreneurial skills in a hands-on vocational setting.

250 for YOUth

250 for YOUth

250 for YOUth!

Simply Bhutan Project

Picture of temple in Bhutan

Simply Bhutan Project

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Message from the President

The Bhutan Youth Development Fund is committed to making every youth a leader. As Bhutan's leading youth organization, we are working to ensure that all youth have equal access to education, meaningful employment and opportunities to develop their potential and to address the growing needs of our youth.

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